Friday, March 2, 2012

Tiger after tiger...

(click to enlarge, they're prettier that way :)

(pencil sketch)

 Reference image here

This one has been named Brand-E. Or Brandy. Either one.
(pencil sketch)
 Reference image here

This is the sketch for a set of prints I made last week! Printmaking is hard..
(pencil, pen and Sharpie)
Aaand reference here.

Tigers. Because that's my favorite animal and they are really fun to draw. I might post one of the good prints I made of that last one soon.

This won't be the last of them, ha ha ha!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I like mountains :D
(blue and black pen)
I probably could have added a lot more pine trees to this...maybe I will. We'll see. 
I like drawing with two colors of pen.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sketch of the Woods


I was walking around in the woods with Haylie and she had my phone and took pictures of the woods, so I thought hey, why not sketch this?

aaand original photo.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog Banners

I really like making banners for my blog because they're really fast and easy. If you haven't noticed, there's one at the bottom of this page that links to the blog. Sometimes I change it to a different one since I have about ten. 
These are some of my favorites (all Photoshop CS2). Of course they all say the same thing, I just wanted to see what I could do with them. I was pretty much just testing out all the things I knew how to do in Photoshop because I had just learned a lot of cool stuff.

(click to see them full-size)

I don't think I ever posted this one on my blog, but I sort of like it.

This is definitely one of my favorite banners. The font is called Romance Fatal.

Realistic brush strokes! Yayy.

Ooh. I used Romance Fatal for this one, too. Didn't notice that until now.

These are real trees! I took this picture outside the art museum in Philadelphia. 

Also, all my fonts come from and all special brushes (like the smoke and star brushes) come from and
Which banner is your favorite?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fancy Kitten

I drew this for my friend Damon. It's how he thinks he would look as a kitten.
(Photoshop Elements 10)
Ah, I could draw anything in a top hat and bow tie. I just inked this today but the original, which I did in marker a few weeks ago, is here
There's also a new blog post there (or there will be, once I write one) so you might want to go check that out too!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Cat in the Hat

I drew the Cat in the Hat from Seussical the Musical!
(pencil and color pencil)

Wolf Sketch

Originally posted on my other blog August 2010
(pencil, and I cleaned up the background in Photoshop Elements 10)

This was my reference picture.


I posted the original for this on my other blog.
(Photoshop Elements 10)
The original (in marker) is here. I just inked this today! :D


I hadn't ever tried to draw zebra stripes realistically before but I still like it.

Some Girl

I can draw shirts! And pants. And I have those shoes, which is why I drew them.

My scanner clipped her head. :(

And no, she's not a specific person.

Tea Time for Walruses

Another drawing of cute animals in dapper attire.
(pencil and ballpoint pen)

The Music Room

I like making little rooms! This is the music room, of course. (The penny is for size reference.)
(cardboard, duct tape, paper, wood, beads, paper clips, an old sock, scrap plastic)

More mini rooms coming soon!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little Wren

This is more like what a wren looks like.

 If you're friends with me on Facebook, this should look familiar.

Rainbow Orca Whale

Orca's got rainbow pride!
(color pencils. lots of them.)


It is a bunny. His name is Benny. And he has a top hat! 
(Drawn on Photoshop CS2)
I posted this little guy on my blog in April.

Me: Wren!

I drew this (on Photoshop CS2) a few months ago as a header for my blog. (The bird is kind of a wren.)
I guess I should write a little about me...

My (nick)name is Wren and I love art and music. I sing and play guitar and used to play percussion in band at school. Writing is also something I do a lot, which is why I have a blog and lots of journals. My favorite bands are Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre and 30 Seconds to Mars and my favorite TV show is CSI. And if you want to know me more, my blog is good place to start.


Hey, I'm Wren! Welcome to my art blog. I have another blog ( that I've had for a year and a half and maybe you just came from there. It has a lot of stuff including forums, photos, games and links, so go check that if if you haven't been there yet.

This is going to be my main art blog, since I needed one site that's just for good, finished art. I'll post the good stuff here and the rest of my art (like silly little doodles I draw in my notebooks) will stay on the rainingwren site.